Rose & Steel is a startup focused mainly on the development of new products and only in the second place does it offer customers the opportunity to order individual products. Delivery time is usually two months. In some cases, it is possible to immediately purchase a few pieces from functional pre-production prototypes (more here).

The development of Rose & Steel exercise equipment focuses on three main lines: design, production technology and the supply chain. All products presented on the main page of this website (one-handed dumbbells, skipping ropes and weight straps of the Blanda series) already have these three lines fully mastered, so both the final form of the product is known and production documentation exists (all technological processes, machines, equipment and jigs necessary for small series or piece production, including established relationships with subcontractors).


In addition to these products, there are other exercise equipment that is in various stages of development.

Potential investors have a wide range of options for cooperating with Rose & Steel or participating in the results already achieved. If you are interested in learning more about it, contact us. (Contact)





We are happy to accept any form of assistance. For the Rose & Steel brand, pre-ordering or establishing a business relationship with potential distributors and exporters is also helpful. If you are interested in our products or business concept and would like to participate as a customer involved in product development, reseller, subcontractor or otherwise, contact us.