Rose & Steel is a brand of exercise equipment based on antique legacy, traditional European artistic manufacture and aesthetics of modern art of 20th century. Baron de Coubertin successfully revived the original idea of Olympic games in 1912. At the 5th Olympic games in Stockholm he managed to include the arts into the competition. The artists competed in architecture, literature, music, art and sculpture. The piece had to be sport-themed. The artist could participate at Olympic games till 1948. 

Dumbbells Rose & Steel


While choosing our materials we wanted to emphasise healthy life-style. We chose austenitic stainless steel ANSI 316L (1.4404) which doesn't cause allergic reactions and doesn't release nickel salts. For this reason it is used for jewelry, watches and medical instruments. This steel with low carbon content is highly durable against organic and inorganic acids and doesn't corrode. That is why it is used in chemical industry especially in machines that are in contact with seawater. Using other materials didn't even come to mind, since most other metals or metal finishes might react and cause allergic reactions. More info here.

To create our stands and other wood components we use solid maple or beech desk with either European or exotic veneer. The most used European trees are maple and walnut tree, and the most used exotic trees are rose wood and black ebony. To treat and add a surface finish to wood Rose & Steel uses only harmless insulators, thinners, bases and paints from renown manufacturers. More info here.

Dumbbells Rose & Steel
Dumbbells Rose & Steel
Dumbbells Rose & Steel


After an arrangement between Rose & Steel and a customer we can customize our products.  We can alter the metallic components through laser, micro-abrasive blasting, polishing or engraving. To satisfy all our customers' needs  we can use many types of wood for wood components or veneer. We don't use materials which are on the CITES list (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is an international agreement between governments that aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.). We also don't use materials which are not compatible with our technology,  or could be a health hazard.

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Dumbbells Rose & Steel

Rose & Steel combines artistic manufacture with sliver machining on CNC machines. This allows us to create unique products with elegant design that are both functional and meet the most demanding requirements on protection of health.



In Rose & Steel we keep in mind the protection of environment and health of our customers. That is why we primarily use materials that do not release any harmful substances in contact with human skin and are not allergenic. Rose & Steel firmly avoids chrome or nickel finish and we pay close attention to the principles of health protection when it comes to glue, insulators, bases and colours used to treat wooden components. Certificates and material safety data sheets here.

Main method of surface finishing is polishing or dulling complemented by shot peening. Combination of these techniques with austenitic stainless steel allows Rose & Steel comply with a regulations for food-contact materials. More info here.




The weights on Rose & Steel Weight Straps are made of steel ANSI 316L.

The weights are

non-allergic in contact with human skin

Weight Straps Rose & Steel

Jewelry Blanda can be ordered in silver, in gold  arrangement.

Pendant in the shape of 3kg dumbbell BLANDA.

Necklace Rose & Steel

Set of five pendants in the shape of 1kg to 5kg dumbbells BLANDA.

Necklace Rose & Steel

Pendant in the shape of exercise wheel BLANDA.

Necklace  Rose & Steel

Jewelry Rose & Steel are made-to-order. After an arrangement with a customer we can continue to work on it creatively and customize it. For example the pendant in the shape of dumbbell Blanda can be made into earrings, bracelet etc.